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GeoViewer Work Order

Save Water, Time, and Money with Nobel Systems All-in-One GIS Software Cloud Solutions for Water Utilities

GeoViewer Work Order software management for utilities

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Asset Management.

Explore the features that will decrease costs and increase revenue.


Real-Time Pressure Monitoring

Smart IoT Water Pressure Sensor Plus Water Quality Sensors that can be installed anywhere, preventing Pipe Bursts and showing live Water Quality Data.

Integrated Billing, Service Request, Work Order Software

Customers Create Service Requests, Field Crews Create Work Orders, all from their Phones, updates Real-time to Mobile and Desktop Apps.

Powerful Business Analytics

See the Customer Water Consumption on your GIS, Plan Work Orders according to Real-time IoT data, Analyze Leak Data.

GeoViewer Mobile Work Order

GeoViewer Mobile Worker Order

Get real-time data. Submit work orders from the field. Sync data across networks.


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What Some of Our Customers Say

"We use GeoViewer daily, and it’s definitely one of the best GIS solutions we have purchased in a very long time. Nobel’s customer service is excellent and they are very responsive to any of our needs."
Michael DeFrank
Project Engineer, City of Vernon, Community Services & Water Department
"The Customer is always number one with Nobel. They are very responsive and work closely with the customer to make sure customer expectations are met. It has been a pleasure to work with the staff of Nobel Systems on our Project."
Tom Coleman
General Manager, Rowland Water District
"Our employees depend on Geoviewer to help with Their everyday work flows. And the exciting part is, they are using it every day and they depend on it."
Eric Greene
GIS Manager, City of Hesperia